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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
11:54 pm - The problems of Slash Fangirls

I wanna make a WhiteXBilly amv because I don't think one exists in general, but I can't even think of a suiting song. XD

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Monday, April 23rd, 2012
5:47 am - An Art!

I just remembered I drew this pic forever ago that y'all might be interested in. Hank and Dean doing that "experimenting" we never get to see.

See the Piccy = )Collapse )

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012
1:04 am - A Fic

Hi. Long-time group lurker, first time poster. So, I answered this kink meme...

Rusty/Monarch, non-con (mostly), slight bondage factor.


Or, if you don't like that format: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8044163/1/I_Effing_Hate_You

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011
3:44 am

Ohmygosh you guys are awesome! I left lj for awhile and was mainly focusing on facebook, but I decided to come back to lj cuz it's easier to blog my long rants (and...other things too) here rather than fb...and I was checking on the communities I was modding before I had left...and all of them EXECPT this one had been completely silent since I had gone. You guys kept the dirty going, that's AWESOME! woot! ....that is all. ;)

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
1:19 am - Fic: Inked (21/24, PG-13)

Title: Inked
Author: speccygeekgrrl
Pairing: 21/24
Word count: 700
Notes: takes place before the events of "Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I)". For my "tattoos/tattooing" square for Kink Bingo.

Summary: He's just drunk enough to think that this is the best idea ever, and to make 24 think so too.

( Inked )

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Friday, June 17th, 2011
4:26 pm - Rusty Gear Public Chat!

Heya! :D

Just stopping by to remind you guys that the RustyGear is having a public chat on Monday, June 20th at 7PM EST!  We'll be in the AIM Chatroom 'RustyGearChat' and are excited about talking to you guys about what's shaping up to be one of the most awesome things ever. 

If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger, you can use AIM Express (http://www.aim.com) and log in with your Facebook ID.  ^_^ I hope to see you all there!!! :D

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Heya! :D

Just stopping by to remind you guys that the RustyGear is having a public chat on Monday, June 20th at 7pm EST.  We'll be in the AIM Chatroom 'RustyGearChat' and are excited about talking to you guys about what's shaping up to be one of the most awesome things ever. 

If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger, you can use AIM Express (http://www.aim.com) and log in with your Facebook ID.  ^_^ I hope to see you all there!!! :D

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Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Heya! :D

Just stopping by to remind you guys that the RustyGear is having a public chat on Tuesday, May 31st at 8pm EST (although you can show up early and mingle if you'd like!).  We'll be in the AIM Chatroom 'RustyGearChat' and are excited about talking to you guys about what's shaping up to be one of the most awesome things ever. 

If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger, you can use AIM Express (http://www.aim.com) and log in with your Facebook ID.  ^_^ I hope to see you all there!!! :D

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Saturday, May 28th, 2011


Planning for the Rusty Gear (a Venture Brothers/Metalocalypse conference) is well underway, but we are missing something crucial that we need to continue: YOU GUYS! :D That's right, we want YOU!

We'll be holding what will be the first of many public chat events and we are eager little sponges that are poised to soak up your input! We want to hear from you so you can tell us what you'd like to see and do with your Rusty Gear experience. Plus, it's a fantastic chance to meet the core staffers!

None of it is going to be possible without you guys, and we really really REALLY hope (need) to see you there (come or we'll be sad)!

So! Join us Tuesday, May 31st at 8pm EST using AIM Chat. You can join us under your AIM screen name as well as via Facebook! To join the chat, sing in using AOL Instant Messenger with either your AIM screen name or your Facebook login, click on chat, type 'RustyGearChat' into the room name box, then your own screen name in the list of people to invite. Click 'OK' and you'll be good to go!

We're looking forward to chatting with you!

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
8:39 pm - The Monarch comes to ThinkGeek.


Get you one.  You know you want to.

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Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Rating: Pg-13

Title: SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pairing: 24/ Gary

Word count: 603

Note: takes place in a fictional past, high school style. total comedy.


short and blunt.Collapse )

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Monday, January 17th, 2011
2:47 am - (FIC) Dreams of the Lotus Eaters (2/?)


Title: Dreams of the Lotus Eaters
Chapter Two: A Whale of a Tale (Hank POV, Rusty POV)
Author: GlasgowSmiles
Pairing: Pete/Billy, some Brock/Rusty, possibly bits of others.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rusty unveils a revamped invention. 
Author's Notes:
Sorry this is so late! Inception fandom is kind of trying to eat my soul, among other things, and I've been fighting off writers' block, but I haven't abandoned this! I'm just struggling with it a bit.



Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
12:03 am - (FIC) Dreams of the Lotus Eaters (1/?)

Title: Dreams of the Lotus Eaters
Chapter One: The Abandoned Castles of My Soul (Pete POV)
Author: GlasgowSmiles
Pairing: Pete/Billy, some Brock/Rusty, possibly bits of others.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rusty unveils a revamped invention. 
Author's Notes:
Urgh. For a while, I couldn't get on-line, and then RL took over for a while, but I'm back and I got fic!

Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, November 25th, 2010
4:13 am - Art post

Once again, I bring doodlings and sketches (I call them that, even though many of them I do put time into...)
pictures here...Collapse )

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Monday, November 22nd, 2010
2:00 am - (FICLET) Jock Jams and Brundlewhores (s4 finale post-ep)

Title: Jock Jams and Brundlewhores
Author: GlasgowSmiles
Pairing: Pete/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which a private after-party is arranged.
Author's Notes: If you haven't seen the s4 finale, then DON'T READ THIS! But if you have seen the s4 finale, then ZOMG, COULD YOU JUST DIE? Ahem. Right. Anyway, post-ep ficlet.
Not related to any other post-ep ficlets.


because seriously, it was like an hour of continuous squee for me. Here's a little post-ep...Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
4:02 pm - Post FAIL.


There's a button for it? You got'a be kidding me.

Guess I'll give it a shot! 

And if this doesn't work then I'm giving up.

Part 1Collapse )Part 1Collapse )Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

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3:18 pm - Brock Blocking ( Continued )


Hopefully this works. Special thanks to scaramantula for helping! ( And having an awesome name. ) 

<lj-cut text="Part 5">
- Brock’s POV -

You'd think, with all my experience as a spy, that hunting down Doc and Hatred would be a synch. Maybe I don't give the guy enough credit. I got'a feeling he's a lot more competent than he puts on.

I stop when I feel an abrupt vibration through the floor. It was gone almost as fast as it had came, but that was all the time I needed to identify it.

Explosives. Relatively low-grade but they could be pretty nasty if you set ‘em off close enough to a guy. I need to find Doc. Fast.

My brisk walking shifts to a flat out sprint as all kinds of scenarios run through my head. None of ‘em pretty. But nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see.

After a couple minutes of aimless running, I finally came to a screeching halt, almost literally, and stared on with a dead-panned expression.

“ What the f-”

“ BROCK! Hatred’s a Zombie!”

“ No he’s not! He’s a robot!”

“ Zombie!”

“ Robot!”

What the Hell are the boys doing out of bed this late? And why the Hell is Hank wearing that stupid thing again? And for that matter, what the HELL are they talking about?!

“ Zombie!”

“ Robot!”



“ QUIET!!!”

I grab them both by the back of their shirts and lift them up, holding the bickering brothers at arms length on either side of me. They fidget a few seconds longer but eventually simmer down.

“ Alright. We’re gon’a try this again.” I set Dean down. “ Dean, you first. What happened?”

“ Well! I ACCIDENTALLY overheard dad and Hatred talking about some big secret and Hank forced me to-”

“ I didn’t force you! You wanted to go as much as I did!”

“ It’s Dean’s turn right now, Hank. You’ll get a chance when he’s done.”

“ Tch. This blows bubble wands!”

“ Hank!”

“ Sorry Brock…”

The boys may have done a little physical growing since I left, but their personalities haven‘t changed a bit.

“ Go on, Dean.” I say as I set Hank down, fairly confident he would let Dean finish this time.

“ Ahem, well! As I was saying, before I was so ‘rudely’ interrupted! We went after them and when we finally caught up we saw Sergeant Hatred trying to blow dad up with his robot powers!”

“ Zombie powers.” Hank corrected.

“ Zombies don’t blow stuff up! He’s a robot!”

“ Oh yeah?! Well! Robots don’t try to eat peoples faces!”

“ WHAT?!” Hank better not mean what I think he means…

“ Oh yeah, Brock! You should'a seen it! Hatred was totally trying to gnaw pops face off! He was all… ‘ grrrr arrhh slllllurrggle‘ and pop was like ‘Oh no!’ So we ran to find you!” The twitching in my eyes at this point were probably giving off more vibrations than the explosion did. And the shaking coming from the entirety of my body could be picked up on a Richter scale.

“ But why would a robot want to eat dad?” Dean asked in confusion.

The boys gasped, and came to the same conclusion, even speaking in union.

“ Robot zombie!”

I didn’t have time to set them straight or even make an attempt to explain what was going on.

“ Go back to your rooms and stay there.” My voice was low but cracked slightly as the bloodlust started bubbling up inside me. It was a tone that left no room for argument and sent them hightailing it back to their room as fast as their legs could carry them.

I hadn’t meant to sound so harsh but I didn’t want them to witness what I was about to do to Hatred.

Reaching for my knife, I took a running start back in the direction the boys had came from.

“ Rrrrr Aaaaaaaahhhhh!”

<lj-cut text="Part 6">
( Avast! There be smex in these waters! All kiddies report back to yer’ mommy’s for some wholesome Spongebob-shaped macaroni and apple juice! )


- Hatred’s POV -

The second our lips touched I was in heaven! I hadn’t felt this way since Princess Tiny Feet. My heart gives a dull ache at the mere thought of her. Well, darn her and all her little boy toys! I had Doc now.

I crack my eyes open, chancing a look at his face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Doc’s eyes this big. I’ve left him speechless! This is too good to be true!

Feeling more confident, I skim his bottom lip with my tongue, my free hand sliding around to grip at his ass and pull him flush against me, leaving no doubts as to how the kiss was affecting me. Especially on certain parts of my body...

I think I pushed it a little too far.

He instantly goes rigid and starts pushing at my chest, attempting to thrash away from me. When he finally manages to break the lip lock, he starts to yell in a panicked tone.

“ What the Hell do you think you’re doing?! Get your hands off of me!” More fruitless struggling. “ This is NOT how a bodyguard is supposed to treat their client!!”

“ Unless it’s Samson, right?” His only response was to cast his gaze nervously to the floor. “ Thought so.”

“ Look Hatred, Brock and I… we-”

“ You what?! Have something ‘special’?! Damn it, Doc, he abandoned you! He always abandons you! And he’s gon’a keep abandoning you AND the boys for the rest of yer’ danger-ridden lives! Or until he finally gets bored with ya’ and decides you’re just a burden that’s not even worth the effort! Is that really what you want?! Huh?!” I shake him, trying to goad a response but he’s too shocked to say anything. “ You deserve better than that, Doc. You deserve someone dependable! Someone who wont up and leave you to go parade around with a bunch’a GI Joe wannabes! You need something solid! You need a rock! Let me be that rock!”

- Rusty’s POV -

Hatred just stands there, staring at me, wild-eyed, waiting for a response. And frankly, I’ve got nothing.

Is what he saying true? Am I just a burden to Brock? Something he just… puts up with? Even considering that leaves an empty feeling inside me. But it seems so dreadfully true. It’s as though all my tender moments spent with Brock were just some beautiful, carefree dream, and reality has suddenly come crashing down on me like an artic tidal wave, chilling me back into the nightmare that is my life. My eyes start to sting and I cling to what tiny bit of self-assurance I have left to keep myself from blubbering like a small child.

“ I… I can’t.”

“ Yes you can! I know you can! You’ll be happier with me, I just know it! Just give me a chance to prove it to you!” He seeks out my lips again, and I promptly renew my struggles. I may be emotionally distraught but I’ll be damned if I’m taken in like some kind of whimpering teenage girl! He’s not letting up this time, however. The man is completely incensed! Loneliness can really reek havoc on your sanity. I can vouch for that, personally.

Suddenly, he takes hold of my wrists and shifts me to the side, sandwiching me between himself and the wall. I stiffen as he pushes my arms up over my head and shoves them up against the wall, trailing sloppy kisses across my jaw and down my neck.

“ Hatred, please!” My voice is so shrill I hardly recognize it myself. “ Stop this!”

He ignores my pleas, still convinced he could win me over. Why doesn’t he get it?! Instead of backing off he starts to get more aggressive. My wrist are starting to ache from the force of him pinning them against the cold, metal wall, and a burst of icy panic shoots up my spine as he grips me around the knee, yanking it up to move in-between my legs. I gasp as I feel a rock hard erection grind into my crotch. This is getting bad. Why am I so stupid?! Why didn’t I just let Brock come with me?! I’m on the verge of tears, too damn scared and pathetic to even call out for him. Why would he bother, though? He’s probably not even worried…

“ You’ve got one second to get your hands off of him before I remove them permanently...”

<lj-cut text="Part 7">
- Brocks POV-

To say I was angry with Hatred was a huge understatement. Try… I was ready to sever each of his limbs one by one and forcibly feed them to him, then shove what ever remains straight up his sorry ass. THEN, you’d be in the ball park.

I had an idea of what to expect before I found them. Just thinking about him kissing Doc got my blood boiling. His lips were mine alone to kiss. And my mouth is the only mouth that should ever touch him. But my rage shifted when I finally spotted them.

He had Doc shoved up against the wall, grinding into him like some kind of rutting animal. I couldn’t quite see Doc’s face just yet from behind Hatred’s head, who was currently slobbering his way down his neck. All I could really make out was that his body was wound as tight as a bow. That only served to make me angrier.

They both still seemed oblivious to my presence. Hatred was even daring to reach up and pull down the zipper to Doc’s jumpsuit right in front of me, causing him to tense even further. I didn’t even give him a chance to make contact with it.

“ You’ve got one second to get your hands off of him before I remove them permanently...”

Yeah. The rage I had felt had definitely shifted. It was a lot more intense now. More animalistic. I felt the need to toss aside my knife and simply rip him apart with my bare hands.

“ B-Brock..?” I hear Doc question in the most pitiful voice I'd ever heard come out of him.

Hatred froze immediately, then whipped his head around to stare at me with a terrified expression. The fat fuck actually had the nerve to ’smile’ at me. Now that Hatred’s head was out of the way I finally get a good look at Doc’s face...

My knife drops to the floor.

“ Oh! Uhhhh, hey there, Samson! I didn’t see ya’ there! Doc and I were just uhhh, doing some… er, grappling practice! Ya know, got’a keep these boys sharp, am I right?!” He grinned nervously and I grinned back.

But my grin had nothing to do with anything being humorous. It was one of those grins you see and know instantly that a guys getting ready to haul off and kill something. As dense as Hatred could be sometimes, I’m pretty sure he could tell that he was in for a world of hurt.

“ Times up.”

That was the only warning I gave him before I yelled out and made a dive for him, knocking him away from Doc. We tumbled to the floor and I end up on top of him, wasting no time to deal a series of punishing blows to his face. The red “H” in the center of his face began to morph and grow under the vicious beating I dealt him, and eventually consumed his entire face in red.

Wet. Warm. RED.

My grin widened, lips stretching to their breaking point.

I cease my mutilation of his face and he starts to desperately scramble out from under me. He apparently mistook it as his chance to get away. But I’m far from satisfied. Just as soon as he makes it to his feet I grab him around the ankles and swing him in a loop before sending him barreling into the wall opposite of Doc.

Hatred lays dazed for a second or two then hobbles back to his feet. He backs up only to come back in contact with the wall, looking every bit as trapped as he had made Doc look only seconds ago.

I take a step forward and he pulls out his gun, training it on me. I snarl and prepare to rush him again.

A shot is fired. The bullet impales itself in my leg but I hardly even notice it. If it weren’t for the discharge from the gun, I may not of noticed it at all. He takes aim on my other leg but I don’t give him a chance to fire this time. I smack the gun from his hand, causing it to clatter uselessly to the floor, and grab him around the throat, holding him up just high enough for his feet to come off the ground. And then, I squeeze.

I squeeze his fucking neck with everything I had. He begins sputtering and thrashing, gasping desperately for air. My eyes widen and my pupils dilate, surely making me look even more crazed than I already did, and I squeeze even harder. The sheen of red drenching his face starts to develop a blue undertone. Just a little more pressure and it will all be over…

“ STOP!”

<lj-cut text="Part 8">
- Rusty’s POV-

“ Please, just... Stop.”

It wasn’t that I was ungrateful for Brock coming to my rescue. I never am. I am fully aware of how fortunate I am to have him watching over me and the boys. I hit the nail on the head back in Tijuana. Brock really was my beautiful guardian angel.

It’s just that all this fighting is, well, stupid! And pointless and, and… I really wish I had my ‘diet pills’.

Brock reluctantly drops Hatred from his death grip but keeps a wary eye on him. Though I doubt he’ll be much of a threat in his current state. He was struggling just to get air into his oxygen-starved lungs.

“ But, Doc!” Brock pleads with me, pointing an accusing finger at the fallen Sergeant. “ You can’t ‘seriously’ believe I’m gon’a let him get away with this?!” Hatred was too busy nursing his injured windpipe to say anything. It was hard to discern all the blood from the angry bruise that was steadily darkening over his neck. He was lucky it was still intact at all.

“ I wouldn’t really count THIS-” I gesture towards Hatred’s pitiful state. “.. as getting away with anything. Just let it go. I think he’s had more than enough punishment.”

Brock’s eyes fix themselves back on Hatred, narrowing dangerously. “ He hasn’t even begun to suffer… Not after what he did!”

“ He didn’t ‘do’ anything, Brock! We just had a… misunderstanding. That’s all.” When you got right down to it the man was just lonely. I mean, yeah, granted, he did something stupid. He did something REALLY stupid and probably succeeded in mentally scarring the ever-loving crap out of me for life but I doubt he even realized how much damage he was causing. And I honestly don’t think he meant to force me into anything. Even after all of this I still stand by my pansy theory. He didn’t even try to use kill shots for crying out loud! I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. It didn’t make me any less worried about Brock’s leg, though…

“ Misunderstanding my ass! He was trying to RAPE you!”

“ I would never do that!” Hatred attempts to yell, though it comes out as a hoarse whisper at best.

“ You stay out of this!” Brock Barks back.

Damn it, Brock, why can’t you just drop this?! I don’t need the blood of my new bodyguard on the hands of my old bodyguard. The OSI would have a field day! Not that they aren’t already. And things were screwy enough around here as it was.

It sounds like Hatred’s throat is making speedy recovery. If the volume of it is any indication. Their both right up in each other’s faces, yelling loud enough to wake the dead.

God my head is killing me. I feel so tired. In every possible meaning of the word. I’m having trouble just understanding anything they’re saying, despite the fact that their voices are so loud it’s making my ears ring.

“ Well you-!”

“ This doesn‘t-!”

“ I’d never-!”

“ You were-!”

“ He’s not-!”

“ He IS-!”

Why does it feel like the room is spinning? Or is it me that’s spinning? I think I’m gon’a be sick…

Suddenly, everything goes black.

- Brock’s POV-

I’m just about ready to maul Hatred all over again before a dull thud catches my attention. It must have caught his too, because we both gasp at the sight of Doc laying motionless on the ground.

He makes a move towards him but I knock him back, growling possessively and running to crouch at Doc’s side. After giving him a quick once over, I decide that his life is not in any immediate jeopardy and breath out a sigh of relief.

“ It’s gon’a be OK, Doc.” I whisper to his prone form, though I knew he couldn’t hear me. Reaching down, I scoop him gently into my arms and glance back over to Hatred, who had wisely stayed down. “ And YOU..”

“ Yeah..?” He practically squeaked.

“ Get the Hell out of my sight.”

<lj-cut text="Part 9"> 
- Hatred’s POV-

You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for me to hold my tongue, but, somehow, I did.

I guess after you get your ass handed to you by Brock fucking Samson, you learn to clam up pretty quick.

I remain silent as he goes to pass by me, knowing that nothing I could say would make things any better. It would probably just result in him finishing what he had started earlier and I sincerely doubted I would survive another onslaught.

I get a bit anxious when he stops right next to me. He doesn’t look at me, however, opting to stare straight ahead, but I can tell that he’s not quite finished.

“ You better thank your lucky stars that Doc believed your worthless life was worth saving. He’s the ONLY reason you’re breathing right now…”

He let the comment hang in the air for a moment before continuing on. I watched his silhouette fade into the darkness of the dimly lit hall, before turning back to stare at the floor.

Soon, it’s just me. Alone. Standing in a blood-spattered hallway. Most of it being my own.

I sit there in stoic silence, recounting everything that had just happened as best I could with the throbbing pain in my head. And the more I recount… The more sick I begin to feel. No… sick isn’t the right word. I AM sick. I FEEL dirty. I feel fucking FILTHY. And I don’t mean physically.

The image of Doc laying unconscious on the floor pops into my head, and I feel my stomach sink even lower. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in my feet by now.

I caused that! I upset him so damn badly it probably gave him a panic attack! Oh, God…

My eyes clench shut reflexively, trying to block out the images of him struggling against me and the shattered look he had on his face after I had finished telling him how worthless he was to a man that obviously meant everything to him.

What was I thinking?! I heard him say ‘no’ but I didn’t believe him! No, I didn’t listen! I didn’t care! Gah, what’s wrong with me?!

I grip the sides of my head, literally shouting out my frustrations. It sounded like incoherent grunts more than anything else. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. For God's sake, I’m supposed to be ‘protecting’ Doc! And here I am trying to molest him! ‘Guess I can chalk this one up with the rest of my fucked up tendencies. No wonder Princess Tiny Feet left me…

Just as I’m about ready to sink back into another round of wallowing in my own self-pity, a thought occurs to me.

Why did he stick up for me..? He had every right to just sit there and let Samson finish me off. But he didn’t. He could have just sat back with a damn box of popcorn and cheered him on. I deserved it! But he stopped him. It’s just so unlike him… Unlike anything I’d ever seen him do anyway. But apparently there’s a lot more to Doc than the jack-ass-ish façade he works so hard to keep up. I sort’a, kind’a figured that before any of this even went down. He wasn't the most touchy-feely guy I ever met, but he was far from heartless. I think that’s what drew me to him in the first place…

A small smile touches my lips. Maybe I-…

I stop, mid-thought, as I hear a pair of footsteps coming rapidly towards me. Instinct tells me to go for my gun. I aim it towards the source of the sound but quickly drop it when I see who was causing it.

There stood the Venture brothers, staring at me with wide eyed expressions.

What the Heck was Henry wearing…?

They’re gaze went from me, to each other, to the blood-stained floor, then back to me. Dean looked like he was going to cry or be ill. Or maybe both… But Henry, on the other hand, just looked disappointed.

“ Aw, crap McNuggets! We always miss everything!”

<lj-cut text="Part 10"> 
- Brock’s POV -

Now that I’ve put a little distance between Doc and Hatred, I slowly start to relax. Still alert as ever, mind you, but not ready to stab to death anything that moves. Speaking of which…

I look down at my empty knife holster and curse mentally. Ah, well. It’ll have to wait. Doc’s top priority, right now.

As I cradle his unconscious form protectively, not unlike how you might hold your newborn baby, I notice something odd. He feels… different, somehow. Lighter, maybe? His body felt almost weightless, like a feather, and fragile, like glass. I was debating whether I should loosen my grip to avoid crushing him, or tighten it to keep him from floating away altogether.

I shift him a little in my arms so that I can open the door to his… to ‘our’ room. His brows furrow a little at the change in position, but his only response is to snuggle up to my chest, causing his glasses to slide almost completely off his face. Sometimes I forget how adorable he can be.

That’s right. I said ‘adorable’. I think that Rusty Venture is fucking adorable. Sure, he can be a massive ass when he feels like it, but it’s mostly a front. And when it’s just us, I have my ways of getting rid of that nonchalant, fuck you very much, attitude.

I use my foot to lightly kick the door shut behind myself, then make my way over to the bed. Just as I’m about to lay him down, he stirs.

“ Brock…?” He blinks up at me though blurry eyes, mostly due to the fact that his glasses were currently sitting on his chest. “ Wha-… What the Hell happened?” I smirk. Still as articulate as always.

“ Ya’ got a little hot under the collar and decided to take a mid-air nap.” He shoots me an indignant look and crosses his arms.

“ Glad to see my brush with death is so amusing to you.”

“ You weren’t gon’a die, Doc.” Hatred almost did, but I don’t think now was the best time to bring that back up.

“ Fine, whatever, don’t believe me.” He grumbles, childishly. Can you believe that I found even that endearing? “ Next time I’ll just roll over and die. How funny would you find that?!”

“ If you WE’RE in trouble, I’d save you. You know that…” I whisper the last part with a small smile, pulling him up closer to my face for a kiss… on the cheek? That wasn’t where I was aiming.

I look down at him and notice him putting his glasses back on. Then he turned his head, staring off at nothing in particular with a troubled expression.

“ Brock?” The tone of his voice startled me. It was somewhere between guilty and hurt.

“ Doc…? What's wrong?”

“ Am I a… burden?” He choked out, as if it physically pained him to even speak that last word.

“ Ya’ definitely keep things interesting around here. For a guy that doesn’t really want anything to do with the Guild, ya’ sure do attract a lot of-”

“ I’m being serious, Brock!” He shouts, staring me in the eyes, before wincing and giving me an apologetic look. He starts again in a softer tone. “ I mean… Am I a burden to you?”

Oh Doc… Why would you even think that?

“ You know that you are free to leave anytime you want, right? I won’t stop you. I have no right to…” His eyes become downcast. “ I love you. But I don’t want you to feel obligated to watch after me like it’s some kind of chore.”

“ You’re not a burden OR a ‘chore’.” I assure him, though he doesn’t look very convinced. “ And I’d never leave you. I may have to do some Sphinx work now and then, but I’ll always come back. ALWAYS. And do you know why?”

“ Free room and board?” He offers, trying to make light of the situation.

“ No. It’s because I love you, smart ass. I love you AND the boys. I feel like they’re just as much my kids as they are your’s.”

“ You don’t have to put up with me for their sakes, Brock…”

Damn it, he still doesn’t believe me! Is it really so hard for him to believe that I sincerely love him? I wrack my brain for the right words to say to convince him I’m telling the truth. What would Hunter do in this situation?

If Hunter was here right now, he’d probably tell me to quit acting like a soap opera-ing, candy-ass and just throw Doc onto the bed and SHOW him how much he meant to me.

I was never one to ignore his advice.

<lj-cut text="Part 11">
( MAJOR SMUT ALERT!!! Please have an extra pair of pants handy before continuing. )


- Rusty’s POV -

His face is unreadable. That’s one thing that always frustrated me about Brock Samson. It was damn near impossible to figure out what he was thinking just by looking at him. A skill that he had apparently only gotten better at if his expressionless face was any indicator.

The longer the silence stretches out the more I’m beginning to think that maybe Hatred was right. Well, we’re both adults here. If Brock wants to go, I won’t stand in his way. Not that I really could, but well… you know.

I was prepared for anything.

Anything except for when Brock lobbed me onto the bed like a sack of potatoes.

“ Ow! Damn it, Brock! I can understand if want to dump me but must you be so literal about it?!”

He says nothing and then, much to my surprise, lowers himself to the bed, climbing over me. I sink a little deeper into the mattress too stunned to say anything. I mean, we’ve shacked up before, but this was something different altogether. The look he is giving me just now sends a chill up my spine. It seemed almost predatory. But, oddly enough, I liked it. I liked it a lot more than any sane person should.

As I stare up at him, hovering mere inches above me, I am instantly reminded just how much bigger than me Brock really was. He made me feel down right puny. Especially now that he’s crouching over me with that look on his face.

“ B-Brock?” Damn it, I can’t even speak properly! “ Um, are you sure you want to-” He doesn’t even give me a chance to finish my sentence before abruptly claiming my lips with his own.

Oh, God… I needed this. I’m just now realizing how badly.

His talented tongue leaves me feeling exhilarated, yet breathless, and I do my best to return the affection. My arms slither around his neck in an attempt to pull myself in closer to him. The kiss was intense, but much too short lived.

His body was pressed down even closer to me when he moved onto his elbows, causing me to involuntarily shiver at the close proximity. And then he just… stops.

I look up at him and discover he’s staring at my neck with an angry look. For half a second it almost looks like he wants to freaking strangle it. Then I realize what he was looking at.

Apparently, Hatred had left behind a couple little mementos on my neck during our encounter, and Brock wasn’t happy with that at all.

Was that a growl? That was the last coherent thought I had before he attacked my neck with his mouth. And it felt… indescribable. Completely different from how it felt when Hatred did this.

Brock ran his thick tongue up the length of my neck then started tracing a path of possessive, open mouthed kisses all the way down to my collar bone. I can only guess that he wanted to remove any evidence of Hatred’s mouth ever being there and replace it with his own markings. Whatever the case, I didn’t want him to stop.

- Brock's POV-

I suck on Doc’s neck a little longer, enjoying the flustered, needy little noises he was making, before moving back slightly to get a look at my handiwork.

Where Hatred’s faint, barely noticeable hickeys had once been, there were now dark, reddish-purple marks that almost looked as if they could be bite marks. Doc wouldn’t be very happy when he saw them in the morning but I’ll deal with that when it comes. All that mattered right now was that I had staked my claim on him, physically, letting everyone else know that he was off limits.

“ You just gon’a keep staring at me all night, tiger? Or are you going to make a move?”

I guess I’ve kept him waiting too long.

He grins up at me lecherously and kicks off his shoes, bringing a foot up to knock my belt buckle free. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

I smirk and take hold of the front of his jumpsuit, yanking it down roughly. The sound of the fabric ripping and Doc’s protests about ‘ruining his favorite speed suit’ didn’t faze me. I wanted him now. Fuck the suit. He looked better with it off anyway.

Once he was completely bare, I started back up where I had left off earlier, trailing wet kisses down his chest. Then lower, and lower, and-

“ Ah! Brock!”

<lj-cut text="Part 12">
- Brock’s POV -

He moaned loudly as I swallowed him whole. I felt his hands latch onto the back of my head, fisting in my hair while his hips arched up desperately. I take hold of his wriggling hips and pin them down firmly, sucking even harder at his straining length.

“ Oh God! B-Brock! Please..” He pleads with me, but I can’t end it just yet. We’re just getting started.

- Rusty’s POV -

I’ve never felt anything this good in my entire life. I would have thought it was impossible for sex with Brock to get any better than it already was, but man was he proving me wrong.

It feels like my head is going to explode right along with my dick. That mouth should be registered as a lethal weapon. Ya’ know… Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it already was.

Wait..? What the-..?! Is he STOPPING?!! Brock Samson if you don’t finish blowing me this instant you’re going to be in for a world of trouble! I open my mouth to tell him just that before he shoves in two fingers.

“ Suck.”

My eye’s widen. Is he serious…? We’ve never done it before with out the proper… eh, supplies. He really was an animal tonight.

Despite my uneasiness I obey, sucking attentively on each digit. I hear him grunt appreciatively accompanied by the sound of tight denim sliding over toned skin. Another shiver passes through me in anticipation.

Without warning, he removes his fingers from my mouth and jams one up inside me. I gasp at the sudden intrusion, but quickly adapt, and nod to signal that I was ready for the next one. He doesn’t hesitate. Soon he’s pumping both fingers in and out of me rapidly, stretching and scissoring my ass to accommodate his size.

When he removes them, I take a second to try and collect myself. Unfortunately, I had less time than I thought because he had been slicking himself up already while he was finger-fucking me senseless.

- Brock’s POV -

“ Ah- Ahhhhh!” Doc practically screams out when I slam into him. “ Doc..” I ground out, through clenched teeth. He was incredibly tight. Almost unbearably so. It never ceased to drive me fucking insane.

We stay frozen like that for a few seconds, giving him time to adjust and me time to get my hormones under control. Then, I begin to thrust.

Deep, slow and deliberate at first, but I soon become lost in him. Gripping his thighs tightly as I hammer into him even harder, snarling and claiming his lips in a possessive kiss. His arms instantly wind themselves back around my neck and his legs clench around the small of my back. It was amazing, mind-blowing and just fuckin’ perfect.

I start to go in harder, inching my way deeper inside him with each thrust. His moans started to become hitched, though muffled for the most part do to the fact that we were still making out aggressively, and I knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer. I snake one hand between us, keeping the other latched onto his squirming hip, and squeeze his weeping erection. I wanted to make sure we reached our peaks together.

- Rusty’s POV -

I break our kiss for some much needed air, but almost instantly regret it when Brock grabs me. I think my scream just set off a car alarm.

I’m so close now I can hardly stand it. Brock’s huge cock fills me so completely it feels like I’m liable to split into at any moment. And his thumb torments the head of my dick rubbing and pushing down on it teasingly. I don’t know why I ever doubted him. He’s so perfect and wonderful and I, I-

“ BR- Aaahh -OCK!!!” I scream as I hit my peak, coming almost painfully against him in hot, messy spurts. He gets in two or three more thrusts before shouting my name and shooting his load deep inside me.

<lj-cut text="Part 13">
- Brock’s POV -

Once my head had cleared from it’s lust-filled haze, I pull out of Doc and lay beside him, immediately pulling him up against my chest. The action was almost reflexive. We lay there intertwined for a while, basking in the afterglow of what I’m sure was the best sex either of us had ever had.

“ Hey, Doc?” I questioned, deciding my brain was now functional enough to form sentences.

“ Hmm..?” He still sounded a little out of it.

“ Still having any doubts?”

“ Actually, yes. I am.” His response floored me. He can’t be serious?! After all of that he STILL doesn’t think I care about his scrawny ass?!

He continues before I can protest. “ I’m doubting you’ll be able to top that little performance.” Taking advantage of my shocked state he slips out of my grasp and struts towards the bathroom, stark-ass naked.

“ But I’d love to see you try.” He whispers in a sultry tone before disappearing through the door.

I shake my head at him and chuckle lightly.

“ You’re really something else, Doc.”

Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I stand and follow him into the bathroom for another round.

( The Next Day )

- Hatred’s POV -

“ So… You’re not a robot zombie?” Dean asks me through a mouthful of cereal.

“ A’course not! I don’t even think there IS such a thing as a ‘ robot zombie’ for crying out loud.” Honestly, where do they get this stuff? These boys had the wildest imaginations.

“ Then you’re just a robot?” He tried again.

“ No, I’m not a robot. That explosion ya‘ heard last night was part of our new defense system I‘m working on. It, uhhh, just needs a little fine tuning...”

“ Oh, neat-o! Boy, do I feel stupid!”

“ You should feel stupid! I TOLD you he was a zombie.”

“ I‘m not a zombie either, Hank.” I tell Henry, patiently. Despite honoring his wishes on being called ‘Hank’, I still liked to think of him as Henry.

“ Well then why were you nominating pops face last night?” It took me a second or two to decipher Henry’s lingo but once I did, I sort’a wished I hadn’t.

“ Oh… You uhhhh… saw that, did ya’?” Aw, Hell. What will the boys think of me if they find out I was trying to hit on their dad?!

They both nod and stare at me expectantly.

“ Yeeeaah… About that. He was uh… having trouble… um…”

“ Breathing?” Dean offered. Oh God, I love that boy! In a perfectly appropriate, non-sexual way of course.

“ That’s it! He couldn’t breathe! He was uh… choking on er… food?” I supplied lamely. Only an idiot would buy this.

“ Pop does like food…” Henry stated in a thoughtful tone, rubbing his chin.

“ So you saved him?” Dean piped up. “ That’s super! I knew you weren’t evil, Uncle Hatred!”

Uncle Hatred. I could get used to that, I thought with a smile.

- Hank’s POV -

This is so rank! No robot zombies! Not even a lousy regular robot or zombie! NOTHING! I wish Brock would take me on a mission with him. I feel like I’m gon’a have a bored-attack if this keeps up.

Hey! Speaking of Brock, here he comes! He was talking with pop about something but they’re talking too low for me to hear it. I bet it’s some awesome super, secret agent stuff! Brock’s so COOL!

Why is pop walking funny? He looks like a giant pelican that’s getting ready to lay an egg.

“ Morning Brock! Morning Pop!” Dean gets all whiny because I beat him to the punch. What can I say? Ya’ got’a get up pretty early to out-greet the Hank-a-nator!

“ Morning, boys.” Brock says. Pop grumbles something that kind’a sounded like ‘good morning’. Wow, what’s got him in such a good mood? Tch, he’s probably been having an ass-load of fun with Brock all night!

Hatred starts getting all twitchy when he sees Brock. A thought hits me.

That’s what happened to his face last night! Something DID go down! I knew it! And I bet Hatred totally bogarted all the action so now Brock’s sore at him! Oh man, I am SO good.

Wait, Brock’s saying something to Hatred… Why is everybody whispering?! I hate being left out of everything!

Hatred and Brock walk out of the kitchen and I’m right on their tails. This is gon’a be sweet! I stop when something snags the back of my shirt.

“ Not on your life, boy.”

Dang it, Pop!

<lj-cut text="Part 14">
- Brock’s POV-

I guess Hatred wasn’t expecting me to come up to him this soon. He looked like he was ready to shit himself when I said I wanted to have a word with him, privately.

I know what your thinking, and no, I’m not gon’a lure him off to finish the job. Doc wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. I just wanted to clear the air or whatever the Hell you call it.

Once we’re out of earshot, I turn to him and take a second to think of exactly what I wanted to stay. He beat me to it.

“ Look Samson… About last night. Ya’ know I’d never purposely try to hurt Doc. I was just so gosh darn lonely and sort’a felt like… Gah, I don’t know… Like we had a connection. I wasn’t trying to steal him or anything, it’s just-”

“ I know.” I say abruptly, halting his ramblings.

“ Really?” He asks, astonished.

“ Yeah.”

“ Sooo… You’re not gon’a gut me and give my corpse to you’re Sphinx buddies to experiment on?”

“ We’re not all that big on experimentation.” He gets that ‘shit my pants’ look on his face again so I decide to set him straight.

“ Look, for reasons I still don‘t understand, Doc’s not mad at you. And he doesn’t want me to be mad at you, so… I’m not mad. Let’s just put it behind us, alright?” He nods and breathes out a relieved sigh.

“ Gee, thanks a lot, Samson! I would’a hated to have ta’ deal with the whole ‘awkward silence’ bag. Ya‘ don‘t know how much of a relief this is!”

“ No problem. Oh, one more thing, though…”

“ Anything!”

“ Don’t let it happen again. ‘Cause if it does…” I lean in close to intimidate him further. “ I don’t care how Doc feels about it. I WILL kill you.”

“ Yes, sir…” He definitely shit himself that time.

- Hatred’s POV -

We return to the kitchen in companionable silence and I take my seat back at the table.

Dean’s trying to figure out why Doc won’t sit down and eat with them, and Henry comes up and starts asking Brock a million questions a minute. Probably trying to figure out what the Hell happened last night. Hell, I think we all are to some point.

So, I guess things are back to normal.

Doc and Samson talk with the boys a little longer, before heading back to his room to do God knows what. As soon as they’re gone I hear Dean say something to Henry in a hushed voice.

“ Holy kittens, Hank! Did you see dad’s neck?!”

“ I know!” Hank retorted. “ He must be a vampire now! Dude, that totally makes us hybrids! This is so Batman!”

“ I don’t want to be a vampire! I’m allergic to blood!”

“ Your organs are MADE of blood, Regis!”

Eh heh. Well, as normal as things get around here, anyway.


Hope you guys like it! 


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6:35 am - Brock Blocking Part 3 & 4


( I realize that my posts are gigantic, so after I make this one I'll wait to continue 'til I can get someone to tell me how to fix it. 8D; Once again I am very new and very inexperienced. Please have patience with me! ) 


Part 3

- Dean's POV -

" Move over, Dingus!" I hate it when he calls me that!

" Stop pushing Hank! I'm gonna fall!"

" Aw, quit being such a whine-lord! Don't you want to see what Sgt. Hatred's big secret is? Why is he only showing Pop?"

" No! And... I don't know? Maybe because it's super late and, and he said it was private! We're suppose to be in bed! Dad's gonna be really mad!"

I wasn't intentionally listening in when they passed by our room. It was an accident! Why couldn't I just keep my big mouth shut?

" Poor, naive, little Dean-o. We're men now! Free to face the world with the wind in our faces and a song in our stomachs! Sleep is for the Mayor of Munchkin Land!" I don't have any idea what he's talking about, but he sounds kind of convincing in a weird way. Besides, once he gets in on any kind of secret it's nearly impossible to get him to leave it alone.

" Ok, we'll look. But just a quick peak! And if dad see's us this was your idea!" I say, pointing at him avidly.

" That won't be a problem! The Hank-a-nator's got a secret weapon!" Still with the 'Hank-a-nator'? He jumps into the closet and fumbles around for a little bit before coming out ...

... in his Batman costume?!

" I'd like to see anyone catch me in this stealth machine!"

" Hank! That's not going to help! I can't even believe you still have that!"

" Cool the screeching, Count Gripe-ula! It's fool-proof!" Hank smiles and pulls the mask over his face. " Time to put an end to this guessing game..." He says in a serious tone, spinning around dramatically and stalking down the hall. " The night is mine!"

Oh, golly! Not this again! I really don't want to do this...

" Hank! Wait up!"

- Rusty's POV -

" Not that I'm not enjoying this scenic tour through my own home, but could you 'please' tell me what was so important that you had to interup- er, bother me this late at night?" Smooth one Rusty. You're about as good with keeping your mouth shut as Dean is. " We've been walking for hours!" Technically more like ten minutes, but whatever. I have more important things to do at the moment.

" Aw, come on! This is a good thing I'm tryin' ta' show ya'! Geeze, do ya' always have to act like you're getting ready for a funeral?"

" If you don't get the point, and fast, I might start planning one." He seemed only mildly put off by that comment at first, my guess is he's used to it by now, but then he just stopped dead in his tracks. It admittedly worried me a little. Maybe I should have brought Brock along... " Hatred..?"

" Don't move..." The seriousness in his voice only served to creep me out even more. I felt a small prickle of anxiety on the back of my neck and unconsciously took a step back.


Part 4

- Rusty's POV -

The second my foot touched the ground Hatred snatched me up into his arms, just in time to avoid having my leg blown off.

" What the Hell was that?! Are we under attack?!!" I swear! If this is that lame-ass Monarch again I'll-

" Aw, heck no! That's your all new, state of the art, internal defense system! I just got done putting it up myself!" He stated pridefully, blissfully unaware I was getting ready to spontaneously combust. " This little baby is programmed to attack any and all unwanted intruders! No more worries about any kidnappings or night attacks or nothing! You and the boys will be sleeping like babies!" The big lug actually started rocking me to add emphasis. I put up with that for about half a millisecond before shoving his face away and attempting to worm my way out of his grasp.

" Yes, true, until one of us decides we want a late night snack and we get blown to bits by our own defense system! My God, Hatred! What were you thinking?!"

" Oh, well, IIII, uh, I didn't think about that. I'm sure I can work the bugs out of it, just give me a little time! I swear I'll make it perfect!" He finally sets me down so that he can kneel. " I'm beggin' ya' here, Doc! Give me another chance!"

" Fine, fine! Just... Get up! Your embarrassing yourself. And for Christ's sake disarm that thing before it does any more damage. That floors is going to take forever to fix." I grumble and pinch the bridge of my nose just above my glasses. I'm getting way too old for this crap.

Hatred stands with a sigh and pulls out a remote, pushing a button that I can only hope did the trick. " There. Happy?" I start to snap back with a snarky response before I notice him muttering to himself. " Excuse me?"

" I said I bet if Samson did this for you you'd appreciate it! I mean, I pour my heart out over here trying to impress ya' and do I get a thank you? Hell no! You just get more pissed off at me!"

" Brock would have the sense to know that a bodyguard is supposed to 'prevent' their client from being vaporized instead of causing it themselves! Honestly! You're behaving like a child." He didn't take that very well.

" Brock isn't your bodyguard anymore!" Hatred yelled almost desperately, snatching me up by my collar. " I am!" I didn't even have time to think up a response before he crushed our lips together. 


( That's all for now. Until I can figure out how to not make such newb-ish posts. >>; My appologies again for that. ) 

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6:23 am - Brock Blocking Part 1 & 2


( Well, here it is, as promised! I'm relatively sure that I can fit two parts at a time into each post so that it doesn't eat up too much space. I hope that's O.K. I still haven't quite figured everything out on here.
First two parts will just be in Brock's POV because I didn't decide to change it up until the third chapter. )


Part 1

If someone were to tell me eighteen years ago where I would be right at this very moment, I'd probably just laugh. Or kill 'em... Eh, I'd probably kill 'em. 'Sounds a little rash but how well would anyone else respond to being told that they were gonna be the future lover of Rusty freakin' Venture.

It's still feels a little strange but when he's wrapped in my arms, like he is now, it feels too right to question it.

I move my hand under his chin and lift it up. He rewards me with one of his rare, sincere little smiles. I'm probably one of the only people in the world who gets to see it, and to be the one who brings that smile to his face, gives me a feeling that I could scarcely describe. It was rare, and precious. That innocent little smile turns into a smirk as he slides a hand up my chest, leaning forward and pressing in closer to...

" DOC! Hey, Doc, ya' got'a come see this!"

" Oh for the love of..!" Doc huffs out. I sigh and almost instantly light myself up a pair of smokes as he sits up abruptly, murmuring a string of obscenities under his breath while struggling his way back into the top half of his speed suit. He had just managed to straighten his glasses before Hatred burst through the door.

Upon entering his eyes go instantly to Doc, not even questioning why I was smoking bare-chested on his bed. Or maybe in his excited state he simply didn't notice. You have to wonder about that guys attention span sometimes. The Doc's voice brought me back out of my musings.

" WELL?! Out with it! And it better be good if you insist on telling me about it at freaking eleven o'clock at night!"

Hatred took a deep breath but was cut off before he could even get one word out. Here he goes...

" Don't you realize how badly I need a break?! We just got rid of the butterfly brigade TODAY and no telling what else is planning to rear it's head at the most unholy hours of the night! For Christ's sake, haven't you ever heard of-!"

" Doc, cool it." I say quietly, putting a hand on his shoulder in an attempt calm him down. He gives me a sour look at being interrupted but finally settles down enough to stop yelling. For such a small guy he sure could make a lot of noise. Not that that was always a bad thing... Aw, Hell. I don't need to think about that right now.

I look back over to Hatred who just stands there awkwardly for a moment, before regaining that idiotic grin he had first come in with.

" Well, gee, sorry about the premature sound off, Doc, but I got something I know yer' gon'a like! I was gon'a wait 'til in the morning but I was just so gosh darn excited I felt like I was gon'a explode if I didn't show somebody right away!" He stated enthusiastically, coming up to throw an arm around Doc's shoulders and shake him a little in what I hope, for his sake, was a friendly gesture. I felt my eye twitch minutely, but said nothing. " What do ya' say?!"

Doc eyes him for a second then sighs with agitation. " Fine. But be quick about it! I don't have all night. I have very important... super scientist-like things to do! Come on, Brock..."

Part 2

I start to get up only to be stopped when Hatred moves up next to me.

" No need to trouble yourself, Sampson! IIII, uh, kind'a just wanted to show the Doc alone anyway. It's, er, nothing personal. Sort'a a hush-hush, top secret type deal! Now I know you can understand that with all yer' fancy spy work and what not!" He nudges me with his elbow, expecting some light-hearted response. I just stare at him silently. He stares back, regaining that nervous look that really isn't helping his case at all. What was he so nervous about, anyway? True, most people were nervous around me, but Hatred had seemed to adjust to my presence pretty quickly, up until now, that is.

" Fine, whatever, let's just get this over with." Doc says, breaking the staring contest we had unwittingly started. Hatred recovers in record time from my glare and heads towards the door. I'm getting sick of that grin.

I latch my hand onto Doc's wrist right as he was about to exit, separating him from the oblivious Sergeant. Doc jerks and turns back around, giving me a ' What the Hell?' kind of look.

" He's up to something. I'm coming with you." I say, flatly.

" Oh my GOD, Brock. This is 'Hatred' we're talking about here. Sgt. Hatred? I mean, HELLO! The mans a pansy. Well, maybe not physically, but if he even thought about trying something funny the O.S.I. would have him lunch!" I don't think Doc was picking up on the same vibes I was. It wasn't Hatred's possible return to arching I was worried about. Regardless, I sigh and let go of his wrist, staring off to the side.

The next thing I know he's hooking his arms around my neck, pulling himself up to press his lips into mine. I close my eyes and loop my arms around his smaller frame, intending to deepen it, only to have him pull back with a sly grin. " There will be none of that right now, mister. It's only a matter of time before Sgt. Bad Timing figures out he's been talking to himself for the past five minutes." I set him down with a chuckle, watching him as he turned to head back out the door. He even had the nerve to sway his bony hips in a way that I can only guess was supposed to be suggestive. " The sooner I go, the sooner I can get back." Then with more seriousness. " I'll be fine. Don't be such a nervous Nelly." And with that, he left.

I stare after him for a while, still deep in though, listening to the sound of his footsteps as they faded off to some random place on the compound. Sure, the Doc was probably right, but I still can't shake the feeling that Hatred is planning to... Hell, I don't know what he's planning, but I know he's starting to piss me off. It started out with a few inappropriate comments here and there and then moved on to lingering touches, but some how Hatred's interests have shifted away from the boys and were now focused on their father. To anyone else, it may have just seemed like he was trying to be a dedicated bodyguard so he could give his life some meaning. He's shoved it in my face enough for that theory to hold water. But my family is... Well, it's like my car. I can always tell when someone's trying to fuck around with it. And I don't put up with it. I don't care if he 'is' technically their new bodyguard. This family is still mine! Doc is mine. So why the Hell am I putting up with it now?

Without a sound, I sneak out the door and follow in the direction that Hatred had led Doc off to.

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Monday, November 8th, 2010
9:51 pm - Surprise, Surprise.

Sooo... I recently did something totally out of the ordinary and wrote a fic! 

Weird, right?

Yeah, I know, I'm new. But believe me when I say that I NEVER write. EVER.  It usually causes me, and those around me, severe intestinal discomfort.

But get this... I've been informed that It was actually DECENT?! 
Holy wasted youth, Batman! 

Anyway! On to the point of this. I've got maybe... two more chapters to go before I'm done? And I thought about posting it here for anybody who hasn't checked out "theladyfeylene's" EPIC Venture Bros Kink Meme. ( Yes, I'm still very much obsessed. ) 

Basically, it's Brock/Doc with one-sided Hatred/Doc.

If you've already read it, I love you. If you haven't got a chance yet and would like to, just leave a comment. 

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